Our Story

Welcome to Bubba Belly!

Bubba Belly was created by new Sydney mum Jen, while juggling pregnancy and the completely new, scary and exciting journey of motherhood.

We put a lot of love into Bubba Belly because we know just how important being comfortable in your pregnant and nursing body is when your whole world is changing. There are many joys and struggles along the way but by shopping with us at Bubba Belly trying to find comfortable and practical clothes won't be a problem you will have to face.

While Jen was pregnant she struggled to find affordable, comfortable and stylish maternity clothes. The thought of maternity shopping was daunting because she had no idea where to start or what would look good, which is why she started Bubba Belly. We do not want it to be difficult or confusing to get dressed in the morning for any mum's-to-be.

After being uncomfortable throughout majority of pregnancy, Jen was over it! She wanted to feel normal again, but then breastfeeding began and a new challenge arose...nursing clothes! She had a few uncomfortable nursing tank tops, nursing bras and that was it. 

While adjusting to motherhood, Jen started Bubba Belly and began designing maternity and nursing clothes and grew ever more passionate about providing mum's-to-be and new mums with gorgeous, comfortable and practical clothing to keep you smiling through those rough days that we all experience in pregnancy and motherhood.

And so Bubba Belly was born alongside Jen's first baby, the inspiration and love of her life who was referred to as Bubba while in her belly creating the much loved name Bubba Belly. We hope you love shopping with us, we will always do our best to ensure our clothes love your Bubba Belly the way we would want them to love ours.

Bubba Belly xx