#2 - Thinking About Getting Pregnant

So you make it through school, university and getting your career started and begin to feel like you a ready for the next big step in life. You have your love life and home life somewhat settled and start to wonder about having mini-you’s running around the house and having fun and cuddles with.

Well we got there, we started thinking could we be ready? I think I went back and forth in my mind hundreds of times between “no probably should focus more on my career and renovating the house and saving before we go there…” and “let’s do it, I really want to start our little family it will be exciting and fun and oh I can’t wait!”

You get the picture… I am sure you know someone or perhaps are someone who has been a bit like this. Unable to make your mind up on a life changing decision. Scared to make the change but excited about what the future will hold when you finally decide to make the change! It was not an easy choice, I mean I was 24 when we started thinking about babies and felt that being a youngish mum people might tell me I needed to go out and do more and see more of the world before committing to life as a mum. So in that sense I felt a bit self-conscious of what people might think, so I didn’t talk about it much with family just one my close friends.

We finally decided after months of procrastination on the topic to go for it. Let’s get pregnant! We are young, we are happy and healthy and have decent jobs and a nice home. Sure there are a lot of other things that might be nice to do before kids but it seemed like there could always be a list of things to do and reasons to put off having kids now and wait for the future.

It was really exciting to think we were going to start trying! At any moment I might become pregnant and have a little bean in my belly listening to my voice and going everywhere with me. When you start to think of the endless possibilities of having a baby it becomes so exhilarating, some of the thoughts I was having included: I wonder what gender we will have, how long will it take to conceive, if we got pregnant this month what month would baby be born, will bubba look like me and so on.

So we started trying, or some might say started officially not trying for all those ladies who understand the odd chance you take sometimes in the mood! Months went by and we still weren’t pregnant. We bought conception kits from the pharmacy and used them until the thought of sex was no longer exciting but felt like another chore. I began to get concerned and really obsessive with pregnancy tests, cycle counting and ovulation predicting. Every time that pregnancy test showed one line, my heart would drop. I would feel like it was forever until we could try to conceive again. I was convinced we should get checked so we didn’t waste too much time trying. After all I was thinking to myself we are so young, aren’t we meant to be worrying about not getting pregnant. All these years being on the pill and using protection to find out that getting pregnant was far trickier and scientific than was taught to believe in high school health classes.

I booked us in to see an OB/GYN just to make sure there was nothing wrong, mostly to put my mind at ease. I knew from a scan once done as a teen that I might have polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is when your ovaries attempt to mature multiple follicles (sacks of eggs) in the ovaries and instead of producing 1 mature, healthy egg each month no egg is produced.

I was convinced that the doctors would run some test and say it was no big deal or that I might need some medication help only.

After discussing my history with the doctor and explaining that we had been actively trying for 6 months he explained that it typically only takes 6 months for a woman to fall pregnant if actively trying and that my odds of getting pregnant by continuing naturally may be low. We were sent for tests and then referred to a fertility specialist who did more tests on me and my hubby. Which unfortunately for us, led to IVF. Keep reading, my story has a happy ending I promise.