#1 - Introducing Mum Under Oath

Ok Ladies, this is my first ever blog post. I have chosen to write this to share my experiences of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. I write to hopefully help support and prepare you all for the unexpected happenings surrounding this time in your life.

Nobody told me these things, and honestly if I had known or at least had heard about similar experiences like this I am sure I wouldn’t have taken my experiences to heart as much. Especially when you add sleep deprivation, maternal hormones and hospital medications to the mix a straight path forward can seem difficult to find. I honestly share because preparedness and adjusting expectation levels I hope will help to provide you with support in the sense that you will know similar crazy things have and are happening to other mum-to-be’s and parents going through this emotional, exciting and crazy stage in life.

Lastly I just want to be honest and say I am a real mum with a real son and my experiences are real. However just because they are my experiences does not mean they will be yours. So take what I write about with a grain of salt and understand this blog is about sharing honest, down to earth experiences that are not sugar coated but are shared with love and humour so you can get to know me and why I have the drive and passion to always provide the best to our Bubba Belly mums! Happy reading and welcome to the Bubba Belly family!! 

Bubba Belly x