Choose a Theme

Ok so here is the truth, I did not have a baby shower! But…I really wish I had, because how many opportunities do you get to hang out with your favourite gals, be silly and be made a fuss of!

Honestly, none of my friends or family had children before me and hence I had no idea how fun a great baby shower could be. So after much research I now have a plan for the ultimate baby shower that you can pick your favourite bits from to help your family and friends throw you an awesome, fun and memorable shower that you will love!

Just follow our 5 steps that have been designed giving examples for you to copy and your Baby Shower is guaranteed to be a day to remember full of fun and a lot of love.

Step 1: Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for your shower will help you stay on track when buying the little decorations and accessories that make your shower sparkle! It might feel silly to say you need a them but trust me having a goal for how you want things to look makes organising it a lot simpler. For example, your theme might be as simple as a colour, once decided you and your organiser can keep an eye out for paper plates, streamers, buntings, banners, balloons, etc. of this colour (different shades and patterns) over the weeks leading up to your shower. Then you pool what you have found together and before you know it them done!

Popular themes:

Pink & Blue – It has been done a lot but this theme is particularly good for gender reveal baby showers or mystery gender baby showers. Having both colours creates a guessing, ice breaker mood that is really fun.

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Pom poms, balls and balloons – This theme is about the repetition of circles and spherical objects that mimic your gorgeous baby bump. You need to choose a colour scheme to for this one. Go for something bright and arty to really make a cute statement see below our list of cute colour schemes you can use!

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Florals- This does not have to grandma type floral, no offence Nanni but florals are amazingly diverse. Even if you typically don’t love florals most people can find patterns they like with contemporary floral patterns that are beautiful. Then just select one or two colours from the floral print to use for all other items, like plates, napkins, balloons, streamers you know the drill.

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Colour Scheme

Our top 3 colour scheme picks are:

1st - Gold, white and pink and/or blue;

2nd - One colour in different shades mixed with cream & white; and

3rd - Bright and fun pops of colour, all your faves!

Colours are always fun and you should choose a colour that you love, relates to you and your baby if known and makes you feel like you will have the best day ever!

If in doubt of your colour selection, I find searching through Pinterest to be great to see how your ideas will come to life. This way you get a taste test before committing to your colour scheme.